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Measuring Your Kitchen

One of the first steps involved in remodeling your kitchen is to measure your existing kitchen.  This will ensure that your new cabinets, countertops, and flooring will look and fit beautifully in your home. 

A standardized tape measure, a pencil, and a piece of paper are all you need to get started. Having a partner to hold the measuring tape isn't necessary but can be very helpful! Simply follow our easy step-by-step guide and make sure to measure carefully!

1. First, start in one corner and measure the wall(s) of your kitchen from end to end.  Record all measurements in inches, rather than feet, and measure to the nearest sixteenth of an inch for accuracy.


2. Next, measure any windows, doorways, or openings along the wall(s) of the kitchen. Be sure to include the trim in your measurements for windows and doors. Be sure to measure how far the window is from the corner, nearest doorway, etc. Also, measure the height of the window and its distance from the floor and ceiling.


3. Then, measure the width of your sink as well as its distance from the nearest wall and/or corner. 


4. Next, measure the width of your appliances along with their relative distances from eachother and the nearest wall(s).  Appliance widths have changed over the years- while most dishwashers are a standard 24", refrigerators can vary greatly, from compact models being as narrow as 27" to larger professional models being wider than 48".  Measure your appliances carefully! 


5. Finally, double check the measurements for accuracy and you're done!

If you are looking to completely redo your kitchen and change the setup entirely (replacing appliances, getting rid of/adding a peninsula, etc) then follow the above directions but simply skip step 4. 

After you have your kitchen measurements, simply contact us or stop by our store and we can draw up a picture of how your new kitchen can look as well as provide free estimates!  If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to contact us.