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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer such low prices? 
We are one of the largest cabinet distributors in the state of Montana and we buy in bulk.  We buy first quality goods, not factory seconds and we work directly with our manufacturering partners in order to offer you the lowest prices.  We buy in very large quantities by the truckload which means we can offer the lowest prices in the state and save you thousands on your remodel project. 

Are you open to the public?
Yes, everyone is welcome. Special memberships and secret handshakes are not necessary (but secret handshakes can be a lot of fun).

Are you a chain?
No, unlike our Big Box store competitors, we are locally owned and operated.  Our sister store, Cabinet Works, just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Billings. 

Can you install it for me?
We’ll gladly recommend a licensed installer who can help you along at every step of the process.  We have licensed & certified installers we work with who have been in the business for 20+ years.  We can also help you troubleshoot and give advice on everything from tile installation to cabinet and countertop installation.

When did you open?
We have been open in Billings, MT since September 2009.

What do you carry in stock? 
We are pleased to carry a wide selection of kitchen and bath cabinets in a variety of wood species in stock. We currently carry 2 lines of kitchen and several different vanity cabinets as well as over 60 different options for flooring, cabinet accessories including cabinet hardware. 

Can I special order?
Absolutely. If you don't see what you're looking for we are happy to special order it for you-we can get painted cabinets, cherry wood cabinets, and other more exotic wood species and finishes so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m thinking about remodeling my kitchen. What do I need to do?
After taking a while to gather ideas and note what you like, one of the most important first steps is to measure your existing kitchen and record the dimensions. This will enable you to better plan an accurate budget for your project. Then, you can bring the measurements to us to get a printout of what your new kitchen will look like as well as an accurate estimate of what it will cost. From there, we can work with you to make any adjustments/corrections and get started making your new kitchen a reality!

How can I find your store?!
Finding us is easy; simply check out our map and directions page.